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Silicone coating on paper
Silicone coated papers are widely used as release liners, with the major application being stick-on labels of all types. It is important to closely control the amount of silicone applied because too little will be ineffective and too much is a waste of expensive material.
Benchtop XRF analysers are the industry standard for this type of analysis.
Coating thickness measurement

Oxford Instruments designs and manufactures a complete range of the highest quality coating thickness measurement instruments utilizing the principles of Beta Backscatter (only available in North America), Eddy Current, Magnetic Induction, Microresistance, and X-ray Fluorescence; using our renowned expertise in electronics, systems integration, mechanical design, detection, optics, and video disciplines.

Whatever your coating thickness measurement requirements are, Oxford Instruments has a product to suit, enabling you to meet the strictest ISO, QA, and FQA standards.

Advanced XRF analysis systems:

New software and hardware advancements ensure that the CMI900 range of XRF systems offer a flexible solution to your analysis needs. These systems incorporate all the latest advances in X-ray technology. The range is further enhanced by the launch of the new X-Strata960. click here for more information.
*Fundamental Parameters
*Standards free calibrations
*Measurement of up to 5 layers
*Liquids analysis

Hand-held and bench top thickness gauges:

A range of gauges are available tailored to suit specific coating thickness measurement needs. More details can be viewed on Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement (OICM)
Advanced XRF thickness measurement: CMI900 series
CMI 900 Series systems are designed to provide years of trouble free and accurate measurements. Whether your interest is plating thickness, material composition, karat content, multiple layers, or liquid analysis, this is the system we recommend.
CMI 900 offers a range of configurations in an easy to use, compact instrument.
*XYZ programmable
*Slotted chamber
*Large sample chamber
X-Strata960- XRF for measurement of coating thickness and material composition

The X-Strata 960 builds upon the solid foundations established by the CMI900 series The new design includes:

  • New 100 watt X-ray tube is the most powerful tube available – 30% increase in precision at the same measurement/50% decrease in measurement time at the same precision.
  • Smaller X-ray spot size – Measure even smaller features in electronic components with the new 15µm collimator. Offers improved CCD camera and zoom stage and high precision Y Stage.
  • Distance Independent Measuring (DIM) – More flexibility to measure oddly shaped samples – sample surface can be measured anywhere within the DIM range 12.5-90mm (0.5”-3.5”) with a total Z travel of 230mm (9"). Offers quick, precise sample alignment by manually adjusting the DIM knob or by using the Auto Laser Focus.
  • Auto Laser Focus – automatically finds the correct focal distance to improve the focusing process for DIM and improve system reproducability. The standard laser focus is still available.
  • New Giant Sample Chamber – Large open chamber (580x510x230mm:23x20x9”) is slotted for oversize samples and is easy to load and view from any direction
  • 3 Table Options – XY programmable (200x200mm or 12x8” travel)/XY manual (250x250mm or 10x10”)/Fixed position … plus, motorized Z axis as standard with 230mm (9”) travel
  • Integrated PC and user interface.
For more information, please click here
Product Information

X-Strata960 is better for business

  • Improve Quality – ensure customers’ specifications are met
  • Maintain Balance – fine tune the production process to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Reduce costs – minimize production errors and material rework
  • Maximize profit – improve the margin on every order
Hand-held/small bench top coating thickness gauges
CMI95 - Surface Copper Thickness Gauge

The CMI 95 Series surface copper thickness gauge provides reliable, cost-effective measurement while minimizing material waste and rejects.

CMI100 - Paint Thickness Gauge

The CMI 100 Series delivers all-in-one coating thickness measurement in a convenient, palm-sized gauge.

CMI200 - Metal Finishing Thickness Gauge

The rugged and reliable CMI 200 Series gauge provides low-cost coating thickness measurement with state-of-the-art electronics and software.

CMI500 - Plated Thru-Hole Copper Thickness Gauge

The handheld CMI 500 Series gauge is the first portable gauge that is capable of measuring thru-hole copper prior to and after each etch.

CMI700 - Coating Thickness Measurement System

The powerful bench top CMI 700 Series system measures a wide range of coating and plating thickness applications without the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

CMI900 - X-Ray Fluorescence Measurement Technology

The CMI 900 Series system uses the proven precision of OICM’s advanced X-ray fluorescence technology to deliver accurate measurement for a range of applications.

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